imo, SS, we've already found our voices. MS is one proof. Widespread reporting of Sandusky, the RCC and BSA is another.

As I posted elsewhere, I can't imagine this happening 10, 20, 30+ years ago when it was swept under the carpet. Attention will wax and wane, but the trend seems to be on the uptick now that people are talking about it. None of these institutions can go back to business as usual...because there will now always be a voice somewhere. (Not that it's a cause for our own complacency).

Many of us don't get personal justice. But I've come to be okay with my own case most of the time. I got/am getting the word out, often a person at a time. That's one of my strengths, not the organized rallies and campaigns. It's what I'm good at. Other survivors have other talents. But this is mine.