I asked my mom about my abuse as a child, and she told me that I have never been abused. I asked if that is true, then why did she tell a judge in court when I was fifteen that I had been molested four times as a child and severely physically abused two times. My mom says she doesn't remember that, but I remember it very well because I was forces to tell the judge about me being sexually abused earlier that year--and that was very humiliating as NOBODY was previously told about it. I was forced to perform a sex act on a dog. I am very ashamed and embarrassed for doing that. After I told the judge this, he asked if I had been abused any other time and without hesitation, I answered "no". That was when my mom said I had been abused, and because I apparently blocked it out, I looked like an idiot in front of the judge as I could not confirm or deny it happening. I am very confused now. Was I really abused?