Brandon P. Gray


...The memo was just four pages long, about an incident in 1963 at a Boy Scout camp in New Jersey. A Scout executive had gotten drunk during an overnight outing, then was discovered gambling with a group of boys.
.... how this man "was observed molesting an Explorer Scout sitting at his side.

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No one in the family acknowledged what was happening under their roof at night. But whatever tensile strands that held the family in place began to wither under the strain. Jim, the bright, engaging boy, and Carol, the vivacious girl, ceased to exist. In their place, grew poor approximations

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The worst thing about the sexual abuse, mental health problems, alcoholism and all that ... are the losses,.....The loss of being able to maintain healthy relationships, intimacy, having children. These things that most people take for granted, I won't have those.....By the time I recovered, it was too late to do those things.

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Am I healed? I wish that were possible," he said. "Like a person who has lost an arm or a leg, I have learned to adapt. I do not think I will ever be healed. I can say that I am happy more than I am sad.

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"I felt sacrificed," Jim said.


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