I wanted to offer some support, especially form my strength, experience, and hope in this area. As well as having experienced csa, I am a friend and support person to several men who have experienced csa and some of these men struggle a great deal due to theiir history of csa. One of the things that has helped me the most is to focus on making sure I am taking care of myself and as a result of doing this I feel less isolated and lonely. In part, some of this is related to establishing more genuine connection with myself as well as trusted others. This also helps me to be there to unconditionally support the men who are struggling to a greater extent at thsi time with their csa issues. Hopefully, your H can make good connection with other csa recovery men if he has not already done so and then he will not be fighting a war by himself and he will be hopefully more likely over time to accept support from you in this area.