First, glad to hear about the show! For perspective, I remember your agonzing several months ago over matters scholastic. Congratulations. Just a little temporal beating about the ears.

Can't speak to the stage, but, yeah, a group of mates in the bar and we get friendly after a few. Today I'm usually okay with it unless someone's touch is too intense. Sounds to me like you're approaching it in a good way. See how comfortable you are and, when ready, push the envelope a little more. Observing others is a good reference, but you don't necessarily have to be like them.

I wondering if there's someone in whom you could confide about your discomfort and who is absolutely trustworthy in keeping confidences. Essentially what we in the States would refer to as a wingman. A thot?

And - you don't want to hear this - I'll add I've a Welsh massage therapist with whom I was intially reserved. He's big and intimidating. But, he is particularly respectful of their sensitivities, such as yours, and their limits. Just another thot. (He may be back in Cardiff briefly in a year or so) laugh

A little humour to lighten things up. While I was on a shoot today, I encountered a couple on holiday from the UK. We were experiencing a chill for which I hadn't dressed:
1. He offered me his jacket for USD50.
2. "Yes, you look cold. Would you like a cuddle?"

I've been laffing about that last one for hours.

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Edit Reason: It was USD50...not 500 ;-)