Why are male victims of csa ignored?
What would happen if as a society we shattered the shame and the silence.
Some words are just to hard to say. He was raped. We just don't have capasity for men to be that Victimized. I think children get the compaction and care sometimes but Most of us went silent until we grew up. Now as men we must recover the best we can in the back ground. I hear the one in four girls quite often. I have only heard the one in six boys only here and in a few books.

I was molested/raped over 35'years ago. I would like to find out what happened to my abuser. I was just a kid. I had no power then and I have no power now. My first T discouraged me from trying to track him down. And sugusted going to the police would not likly be upheld and would take my family through hell.

I think the law in some ways was back then was working in the perps favor.

Has any thing changed? Has any one seen there abuser prosecuted?

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