Thank you for responding. I'm interested in trying this to see if it might work for me, not just with the EMDR processing but also with the day-to-day dissociation issue. I cycle through three self-states: my primary self; a sexual acting out self that seeks to recreate the abuse in unhealthy and time-consuming ways; and an emotional state that contains my affect response.

If my acting-out self understood my affect self, I don't think he would be turned on by what he's turned on by.

I'll reach out to Ulrich and see what he says.

As for your confusion with what I meant by "none apparently like me" -- what I meant was that she has training and experience doing EMDR with DID clients, but has yet to medicate any of them over her X years of practice, so that means I would be the first, which means she sees something in me that she hasn't seen before, I think.

Thanks again.


Update: There's no email address on Ulrich's website's contact page, so I left him a voicemail.

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