I did indeed.

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Part 2 (at the bottom):

Hope this is in some way helpful. It very significantly helped me. Overall since then, Dad has been this super-optimistic cheerleader and masculinity-reassurance-provider, while Mom has taken to getting angrily drunk and fixates regularly on the safety of my 9-year-old nephew. Her latest kick is that my sister must take down all of his pics from Facebook. I didn't have the heart to tell her that, statistically speaking, he is at more risk from his 14yo cousin than some Facebook stalker.

I think that counts within the margins of "good possible parental responses."

Your situation sounds terribly painful - reminders in your face, in your family, every day. Bottom line - if you want to tell your dad, do it. Parents exist to make their kids feel better, not the other way around. It all gets paid forward anyway.

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