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And we Still need an Amendment B

Amendment B:

It shall be know to all, and permeate our nation, this natural, basic fact: Children cannot consent to sexual relations with any superior. Children can only comply!

The concept of a Consenting Child in the sexual gratification of a superior is a fallacy in the absolute. Said 'advantage' of age-minority vs age-majority, intellect, significant age difference among supposed peers, physical advantage, authority (inherent or imposed) shall never provide a defense to any violation of reasonable human trust, treatment and integrity of behaviour. Advantage exploited, where a child is concerned, is prima facia evidence of violation.

Amendment B1:

Expressed or implied culpability of a child's role in any sexual abuse case is actual, and clear additional abuse in and of itself. There is no reason in this nation's code of law provided to any party with proximity to a case of abuse, that an excuse or explanation can be derived under the fallacy of the "Consenting Child."

Thus is the nature of inherent duty of the advantaged or superior man to do no harm to a lesser being.