Hi all

I'm Peter and about 2 months ago i typed in the words sexual abuse on google. Finally i started recognizing what was playing all these years. I've been addicted to smokin weed for a long period and after not being able to see friends, one helped me convincing it was time to quit.

After i quit all kind of old stuff came to the surface and the last thing i found out was that i was suffering from sexual abuse.

when i was young, my brother once abused me sexually. i thought it didnt matter, but i finally realize it did. it's good to know there's a place like malesurvivor, for i feel i need to talk to men who have experienced the same.

long story short, bad reason i came here but it sure gives a good feeling


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Trust me, you are worth it to love yourself!

I now know who I am - I've never been anybody else!