Hi socker star.

I'm not sure on whether the certain girl likes me or not, that is dam difficult and I have no ideas on that front, indeed that's one reason I'd like to sort this out since at least three of my friends who are now married communicated their feelings to each other entirely by touch.

About the female leed, I'm not sure on the showing support thing, since the dynamics in productions are a little different from those in sports teams, indeed on that front I am actually the principle tenor of this performance myself, albeit that in this particular production he is one of a paire of rather commical lords as opposed to the romantic hero.

I've also noticed that stage performers, especially those of an incredibly good standard tend to be either far too serious, cleaque orientated and pushy, or highly relaxed and pretty nice to everyone whether your a back member of the chorus or one of the principles, indeed often the entire ethos of a production depends upon how many of the one or the other type you have.