@pero, myself,my own view is somewhat different. in England we are probably much like the states if not worse where nakedness is concerned, indeed there are still many swimming pools, gyms etc which have individual changing cubicals rather than one big room (which I prefer myself), and you could be slapped with an indecent exposure charge if you were ever naked on the beach.

In my first P.e. lesson, the Physical education teacher gave all the boys and girls a talk where he quite coldly that at that school a girl had been raped in the boy's changing room, ---- charming as you imagine and actually incredibly scary for me at eleven.

Two years later and I quite believed this, indeed it got to the point where I went and changed in the equipment storage cupboard. Admittedly, what happened in the changing room as far as violence, physical exposure and s/xual taunting wasn't quite as bad as what happened outside school 9which also involves girls), but my panic attacks at even the thought of taking my clothes off in front of another human being, much less a room of them deffinately! comes from that.

It's odd, naked men don't bother me at all, but me! being naked is a no no, heck I even wear swimming shorts and a T shirt on those occasions I go swimming, and walk around even my parents house in a dressing gown.

so, for me, your story has something of a different meaning, and I admire you for going into a situation that I wouldn't ever! do.

@Gottymeguy, yep I agree fully. The odd thing is part of me would love! the idea of being naked in a public place, not in a s/xual way, but just in a "this is me so here I am!" sense, indeed I always lift my weights and do my running in my bedroom wearing only a pare of boxers.

The problem however is the thought of anyone seeing! me naked is really terrifying, much less the thought of actually seeing a naked woman.

Again, much like my genophobia this is something I think I could! change with time if I had someone with whome to form new associations, but I'm of course utterly stuck with that.