I know I don't post often. Sorry about that. I know that I've been a major ass to people recently and have been really self-centered.

I wanted to take this chance to formally apologize tot eh Ms community (especially the men and women in the chatroom) for the man that I am and how I have acted. I do everything to the extreme. Either through attacks on people's sexuality or religion to general ignoring of other people, I truly am sorry.

It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter to my fellow brothers here at MS. In no way is it an attempt to redeem myself, because I am not redeemable. In no way is it meant to draw attention to myself, for I am nothing. Purely, it is an apology, for as much as it's worth coming from something like me, to respectable individuals like yourselves. I feel a deep, burning shame in the pit of my stomach for what I've done to this community. The lives I may have broken... the smiles I've destroyed, the tempers I've embroiled in anger. I'm hardly a fitting match for those achieving recovery.

So let this be my testament and will, that you as a community may grow beyond me and further your own causes and recovery in spite of myself.