Hello there:

I am 34 year old guy that held "my family secret" inside for over 20 years. Last year everything came flooding back to me after a huge argument with my brother, whome I haven't seen or spoken to since 2004. All the memories and pain I had kept out of my mind returned as if it were happening all over again. I have so much anger about the events and how they were neve handled by my parents.

From 7th - 10th grade I was abused by own brother who was 4 years older. During this time, I had major stomach issues and pain that I was in the hospital on and off for oer a year. I was threatened not to say anything by my brother. The hospital asked amy times and they oted thee was abuse but I never gave up the name. My parents never asked what was going on. I still don't understand how they could be so blind.

My brother is now a detective with police department and has a wife and son. He is seen as the "Golden Boy" of the family. He is treated like a saint. After the breakthrough last year, my parent still treat him the same. They do not want to have anything happen to the family name. I am just so angry about this and the fact that they never helped me years back. I have developed mental issues and am on medications due to this. They still do not understand what this has done to me.

Now that my abuser is a detective I feel like I will never get justice and have no idea where to turn. I am angry and scared and am very thankful I found this group. Just typing this has helped.

Thank you for listening.