Today I was asked to talk at a V day rally as a male survivor. Standing in front of woman and girls I stood up and told them all that I was one of the millions that do not exist, the neglected and forgotten. I AM A SURVIVOR OF SEXUAL ABUSE AND RAPE. It is really empowering. I am excited about the direction that MatrixMen is going in, I am excited that we are day by day telling the world that there are male survivors out there, and that there is recovery from sexual abuse.

Our meetings are also going better, I would not say that the world is rushing in to the rooms, but I am happy that 5 or six guys are coming, thats a few more guys that can deal with their pasts.

I thank God every day that he uses me to reach out to the hurting, the addicted the suicidal, the alcoholics. Its amazing giving back, its so so so empowering.

Guys Life is great. There are still so many bad stories out there, for those of you that read my blog, and read daily of the violent rapes perpetrated on children in My country, the rape capital of the world, but touching the life and helping only one survivor is worth all the effort.

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