Last night my friends invited me to play badminton. There were four of us, we used to play it couple years ago and it became here very popular way to spend free time during winter.
Venue is huge and many times crowded; it is needed to plan coming in advance.
So my friend picked me up and we were laughing and talking while driving. After we came to the place I and other buddy went to menís locker room to change and two girl friends went to their.
When I came in I was a little bit in shock, room was packed; it was way too small for so many people inside and some of them were completely naked, place is very busy and every hour it becomes so crowded. I changed my clothes as fast as I could and left it, just felt a little bit uneasy there.
After we finished I went trough same procedure and luckily no one was naked there but one father came in bringing small kid with him. Kid was probably 6 or 7 years old and he seemed so small comparing to men (some of them were very tall).
I felt dizzy and at the moment as I thought what would happen to this kid if he would see some men naked walking around in such crowded and limited space. I know that kid wouldnít see anything sexual; I know that in my culture we are reckless and insensitive sometimes related to nakedness and it is considered as normal, even I as kid was naked on public beach and have had such photos but I couldnít help my self and I was somehow sad. I felt need to take that boy outside to wait and to explain him what he could expect there to see and what is happening there...
Later after we have had drink on way to home only two of us left in car and we talked and listened music. My girl friend is one of the first persons to whom I disclosed some time ago.
And at one point she said that she needs to tell me something interesting. Than she said that one her friends disclosed to her and said almost the same story as mine. He talked to her about being part of group of young boys who were touched inappropriately by one older boy and similar things.
Somehow atmosphere changed again; I felt really sad at that point and uneasy in my stomach.
From nice and relaxing night as Iíve expected Iíve experienced a little bit triggering situations and I was almost exhausted at the end. Well I guess life is unpredictable.

Iíll send link of Male Survivor to my girl friend giving instructions to invite her friend to come here and that is at least one thing that I can do.

My story