Hay Still,
thanks for clarifying your situation. It make a lot more sence now. I supose I have to fight for the right to be broken and damaged. It is the way that it is. Some thing just can't be comprehended with out a reference. It's like this site, you eather belong or you don't. If you belong it's because your world has been shattered.
Who goes around telling people brutally disfigured and maimed in an accident to get over it. Not helpful. We look to normal for our own good.

Sorry for the negativity, I guess I got in touch with my iner victim state. Now I have anger, odd.

I got angry when I typed sorry, maybe I am tired of apologizing and pretending so other people can feel that they're right. So they don't get pulled down by my incompetents.

OK, so I am at a place where I am unable to work with any real success. I feel like I will get it all back and move forward. And then like clock work the bottom falls out again. Reminders are every were that I can't ...... Is this what they mean by VM? Ok fine I am a victim. A lot was taken from me, I was and still am the loser in the equation. I want to resign the position. I want to be happy and prosperous, but that not working out to well for me right now. Maybe next month.

We keep doing the work and moving forward.
May it pay off soon!

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Just because it's complicated doesn't mean we can't figure it out.