That's strange Still. I never even considered it that way, but it's a good point that I may need to clarify.

As mentioned above, she was my advocate 25 years ago. People can change in that time. I don't really know her. She raised a family I've never met, nor have any desire to. Not out of spite. I just don't care. Neither one of us has ever made any attempt to keep in touch. For me, the only reason I put her and her brother aside was that her dad was the connection to the mommybitch...guilt by association, I guess, but no ill feelings towards her.

At the time of my CSA, she and her brother were already off to college and oblivious to the seriousness of the home situation. I rarely saw them.

I have no idea how she'll respond to the idea or IF she'll respond. But it's her call and she'll be responsible for it. Because of her dad's death seven years ago, she still maintains a contact with the mommybitch, though I don't know the nature of it.

My intention is to advise her my story is not at all complimentary to her dad. Nor, however, out of respect to my step-sister, is it damning. Frankly, though, he's only one of many facets. He was a whimpy enabler. I suspect, as a survivor of spousal abuse herself, she may have been earlier subject to her father's abuse and, therefore, perhaps empathetic.

Primarily I want to break the silence and know for certain at least one person on her side of this so-called family knows the story...not some concocted bullshit by an aging, self-absorbed, social-climbing matriarch who'd say anything about anyone - including her son - to cover her own "reputation". She isn't unlike Kate Hepburn's mother in "Now Voyager".

One person knowing the truth is enuf for me.