As a survivor, I wondered which forum in which to post. Thot I'd give this one a shot.

My background is from a physically, verbally and emotionally abusive family situation that delivered me right into the hands of my perp. Nothing ever changed with the mommybitch, as I'll call her. She preferred to continue to be in perpetual denial and pursue her social climbing activities. I cut her off years ago and, in a particularly blunt letter, left no doubt the reasons why.

One of her step-children is a different story. She's a survivor of spousal abuse and, in fact, was my advocate in confronting the mommybitch about my gayness. Nevertheless, I've had nothing to do with that family in 25 years. I made it clear at the time it was the mommybitch and her third husband I held responsible for their actions. The stepkids had no involvement.

At this point in my recovery, I have the desire to break the silence. I recently did it with some of my cousins (Dad's side) who have been very receptive, especially one who Dad apparently guided into recovery as if he were his own son. Yeah, this one cousin is more like a brother to me than a cousin.

My thot is to approach my step-sister and indicate I want to have my story on the record - some of which may be hard for her to hear - with at least one family member. Honestly, yes, mommybitch has verbally trashed me for years to save face while she rots in a country club McMansion. I don't deserve that.

My step-sister may or may not be receptive to the idea. If not, I'll drop it. Nor do I have control over how she digests my story. I don't care.

I'd prefer to hear feedback only from those who have actually been in my step-sister's position(s) or other male suvivors. PM, too, if you prefer.