As you know I have fugues where I wander and can be gone for a short time or several days without knowledge of who I am. Recently I was hospitalized and had been missing for almost three days. I supposedly left very early morning on a Thursday and ended up in the hospital on Saturday evening--the time in between these days I do not know what happened except for a few notes and papers found in my pocket. I live in a home with a soon to be former wife. I was paying the bill for the alarm company and noticed an alarm call for the early morning of the day I left. So I have been asked in support, therapy and psychiatrist why no one came after me when the alarm went off and after almost three days missing no one called the police to check on me. I could not answer--all have said no matter what one feels for a person, humanity calls one to show concern if someone is missing or in danger. I was asked why I did not ask why a call was not made when missing for three days. I said it would not be worth it. It just made me realize, what you do for others in the past means little unless they truly appreciate you and we as humans have good people with compassion who put differences aside to ensure safety for all and those who turn their backs because of fear and those who deliberately do to try to show they are superior. I was told the lack of action shows their true character.

I hope my feelings are not true, but others around me have expressed concern that one could be missing for three days and show no concern. Are others views the reality of the character of the people around me?

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