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If I was your sponsor, I'd insist you ditch all the trappings that could even subtly identify your social status - clothes, keychain with the imported car key fob, expensive running shoes...even the car (buy a clunker second car if you have to)...hell, wear your garage or yard clothes -

Thank you Lancer and everyone. I guess what I did not make clear in the rant, is that I'm beyond flat-broke now that the divorce is over, job is gone and all I have is SSDI and Medicare. My rent for a very drafty old schoolhouse is now beyond my means...blah blah blah. IOW...I be way broke and not likely to be able to pull off another job. SS called me "permanently dissed" with all the hospitalizations and attempts to punch-out early. I don't even know how that works in the long run.

I'll not likely ever return to the corporate anything. I fall apart just sending in resumes (which i do whenever i get the rage going from other's judgements).

I'm realizing that the flashbacks and anxiety are not properly addressed by my current MD and Psychiatrist. I think my T has been hinting about that for a while now.

There is a day program that is the exact same as one of the lock-in wards i attended before. Only dif is I get to sleep at home.

I guess the Doc triggered my little Rage Monster.

Insert tacky joke about one part of the physical exam and not buying me lunch.