April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Iíve been given a fantastic opportunity. I am working with Male Survivor to develop a short video presentation focusing on education and promotion of all types of art in the healing process. This video will be used for presentations at Sexual Assault Awareness Month programs, including Penn State and Salt Lake City. We are looking for male survivors to submit all types of healing arts for possible inclusion in this video. We are looking for all types of visual art (drawing, painting, sculpture), poetry and music.
If you would like to submit your healing art for consideration, please contact the Project Coordinator: Kurt McGrew via email kurmcg@msn.com for more information. Kurt is working with Jim Struve (Male Survivor WoR Co-Chair) and Chris Anderson (Male Survivor Executive Director).
Be advised that we are on a short timeline for this project and submissions must be received no later than February 20, 2013.