This is a good thread for those of us with this problem.

My eyes exercise best when I'm shopping in Wal-Mart or similar store. That's not because of anything special about Wal-Mart. It's just that when I'm there pushing a basket, my eyes search back and forth and up and down as I try to find the items I need. In the process the eye muscles are getting a good workout under relaxed conditions. I get eye fatigue later. I also get a good eye workout seeing movies, especially 3-D movies.

I actually get dissociative pain in the back of my head after these "exercise" sessions. That's because the part of the brain chiefly concerned with vision is in the back of the brain.

Now that I've discovered I was probably secretly given LSD by the perpetrator when I was 12, I wonder to what extent this contributed to my eye problem. The eye problem got significantly worse during that fracas. I only have questions at this point, not answers. Did I go "nuts" when given the LSD and did the perp. knock me on the head to control me? Possibly this would explain why one of the eye clinicians, viewing my pictures post-trauma, stated that it looked as though I had experienced "blunt trauma" to the head.