I am a prepper. Not quite a crazy doomsday prepper. I haven't spent my life savings building a bunker 40 feet under my garage, but I like to be prepared. I keep a few months of non perishable food on hand, many hundreds of litres of drinking water, many gallons of stabilized gasoline, a gas generator, a wood stove with lots of wood to burn, a couple of "go bags" at the ready... & my pride & joy: My emergency solar backup power system. It's kind of a hobby for me.

But I just got thinking today about this... Does my need to prep come from a need to feel safe, possibly due to being violated in the past? Do I over compensate now because I had no protection from bad things as a child? It's a really safe & sensible hobby I think. It means that in a power outage or major catastrophe my wife & I will likely be ok. Sure beats drinking, gambling or collecting Star Wars toys, from that perspective!

Anyone else here identify with this?
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