my take on Victim mentality is
always finding blame instead of taking responsibility for what is in your scope to change

I used to have a victim mentality
it was ALWAYS because of X Y & Z that kept me form this or that
it was ALWAYS someone else s fault that I was stuck where ever i was stuck in at the particular time

AND the worst SELF PITY

I have not time for self pity any longer in my life , there simply is not a place for it .

Sure it tries to rear its head but I shut it down

I am talking a bout indulging in it swimming in it basking in all of its non quenching glory

The victim mentality will have you swimming in self pity with no
end in sight no land of reality to swim to just endless swimming in the realm of self pity

Not saying you can not vent because if you do not vent you will EXPLODE
vent on my brother vent on
Video of me telling my story
you are not alone never were
Why i hate Religion but love Jesus