Hey still

You've walked a hard road and I'm sorry that the people closest to you seem unable to focus on all you've accomplished. That's their weakness, their flaw. And not yours. I think that many people like to pigeon hole others because its easier than trying to understand.

As for victim mentality....I heard on the radio recently that a victim is someone whose choices have been taken away, and that a person stops being a victim when they realize that they have choices.

I guess a person has a victim mentality when they live their life as if they have no choices, when in fact they do. I think it might be easy for some to confuse victim mentality with the need to talk things through. They are not the same. We don't magically get over our shit because someone else says it's time.

It sounds to me as if you have excercised lots of choices in a positive way, so by my definition I would say that you don't have a victim mentality and that your people saying so is about them and not you. Don't wear it. And if you don't want to go back to the corporate world then don't. Live YOUR best life.