I am strongly against anti-depressants. When I was 16 I was prescribed fluoxetine(Prozac) even though you had to be at least 21 to take it at the time. It effected my weight, I was really underweight. Whilst on it I also developed night terrors about my CSA. Eventually I was taken off it however the damage it caused was irreversible.

Last year when I was 23 I was prescribed citalophram, and again I got the same advise effects. Only this time it made me really aggressive even after a pint of beer, even though its apparently safe to take with alcohol. I couldn't handle the aggression so I was not about to give up my alcohol addiction. so I asked to be switched to a different Drug. I was put back on fluoxetine, this time it helped with the depression. I've now stopped taking it as the weight loss is strongly affecting my other medication.