For sometime I struggled with the idea that I was attracted to men, as I thought it was because my CSA. I thought it was my abuser's fault that I was attracted to men. Then did some research into CSA and sexuality which put a whole new spin on things. I started to think that my abuser chose me because he could tell that I was attracted to the same sex; as the abuse started at the age of 7. It was quite a mind fuck.

I decided to try dating different genders; men, women, trans...etc. I discovered that I wasn't really attracted to any gender, I was more attracted to personality. Or rather someone who didn't want to fix a broken man, but rather accepted me, without asking any further questions about why I am, I the way I am. When it comes to sex itself, as an addict, I really not picky about gender the person is. Up until this day I still don't know what my sexuality is and I'm not in a rush to find out.