This was/is a big issue for us. Actually the reason I asked him to leave. I can't live with the lies big or small. It all goes back to the cheating. Each time he would lie I would feel so hopeless. I gave him fair warning and gave him many chances. We have three children and I wanted to keep our family together, but the final time I decided it was no longer his fault that I felt like this, it was my fault for staying. Taking control of my life. I wasn't going to be the best mom for children if I was stressed and scared waiting for the shoe to drop. He has made many positive changes since leaving, he got serious help for his drinking. He had previously denied having a problem. It was a big win for our family. I struggle but feel safe. He continues to go to therapy. We have a contract for a controlled separation. It's a safe guard and set boundaries for our time apart. It was recommended if we stay together or not. There is a book if you are interested. Good luck, I know how difficult this must be.