I think, too, Josh the reason you may have encountered insensitive remarks - I'm sorry you had to hear them here, of all places - has to do with reactions of gay people to history.

Waaaay back in the 70s, for example, the "bi" label was even used by Elton John and other entertainment figures to describe themselves. At the time, it was a radical but "safe" statement. Given his religious background, however, I'm a little suspicious of Ted Haggard's use of it. He's all about saving his own @$$.

Very often the most rabid anti-LGBT megaphones are closeted political, religious and other public figures who are struggling to repress or hide their own sexuality by lashing out in the angriest ways imaginable, invoking morals, Christianity, public safety, or whatever advances their little cause (and gives 'em a good bump in the polls). Then they get caught in an airport restroom, a rent boy toting his luggage, etc.

So, yeah, in that environment, the presumption of "guilt" is probably inevitable. Probably says more about them than you. Personally, I think a little "live and let live" would be good advice all the way around. Eventually it will calm down...and this thread is a good example of it.

One of my best friends identifies as bi. And I have to admit - perhaps given my own screaming queerness - I'd sometimes thot, "Aw, c'mon. Get off the fence." Frankly, our friendship is more important than labels. I DO have fun, tho, when he talks about an ex-girlfriend and I get to whine, "Aw, shit. We gonna talk about pussy and tits AGAIN? Ewwwww...." Hell, I can't even retaliate by describing MY old sexual exploits.

Glad you posted.