I have been looking a lot at the stories and posts on this site and I wish that I could say I that didnít understand most of what is written here but the truth is itís like a page from my own life itís so similar it scares me a lot of the times. It has taken me a long time to wright anything but my story witch I just keep kicking myself for writing I am just so embarrassed about what happened to me as a child. I just never wanted to admit to any of this to anyone but some things need to be said in the light of day and this one of them. Let me just say that I am transgender and bi sexual what a combo and I wonder if I was made it to the person that I am today or was I born into it this I really donít know at this point but I donít know if it makes much of a difference any more. I know that my therapist wondered the same thing about me for about six months until he said I was born this way. Any advice would be welcome I am willing to lesion to both side of this just seeking the truth in this life no matter where it leads me. I just keep remerging the saying the truth will set you free. I hope that I am not to over the top with what I just said!