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[quote=SoccerStar]If youíre interested pm me just please understand youíll never be able to get this back, itís that bad, heck if the consensus would be to post it I would, just even I think itís not for general consumption.


I've heard things, horrible things, I don't know if there is something, any sentence or any amount of words put together that would for me at least, be that bad as to be unspeakable. But for you and your experience and meaning in those words and how it relates to you, I can understand why for you, it seems unspeakable. I'm just saying, I can handle to hear it if you want to get it out of your system.

But what SoccerStar said sounds like the next best thing if you truly don't want to speak it. I've burnt photos that held deep pain and meaning to me. Anything to get it out of you I would think can only help.
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