I'm not ready to post details yet, but I am getting the feeling that this is a safe place for male survivors of sexual abuse to be open.

I have studied male survivors for some time now, and it really is a more difficult subject that female survivors. Rarely does the abuser use force or violence, which makes things complicated.

This is especially true if you body reacted and you became aroused or more. "Did he put a gun to your head?" we may be asked. "No." "Did he threaten your family?" "No." "You must have enjoyed it. That wasn't abuse."

I struggled with all of this for many years, and in my early 30s -- which is a typical time I understand -- I came to realize that this was not something I was seeking. This was an adult taking advantage of the na´vetÚ and innocence of a minor.

At this point I will share that I was abused once as a child and then several times as a teen. Thank you for this site that I read about in today's paper.