Thanks you guys, i apprecate it alot w/ your support..i could
have not done this w/o this God Given homelike place.
I was aware for some-time ..i would sit and before typing
those aweful keys to get to those sites.. i would follow my T's
advice and ask myself "what am i feeling?" ..and i would remember being a 7 year old.. and waiting for my dad to pick
me up at my dad's brother's place.
The door to exit, never opened and i would be scared of going
to sleep. But sometimes..i get pissed off and plain thoughts
of what his daughters want it is checking some guys
out ....and wondering " why couldnt i have my own penis? "
this is what troubles me and i think paralyzes me to get dating
w/ women.

xo ...but love you for allllllllllllllllllllllllways taking time
to read my posts and (others') progress.
I have never watched one episode of the t.v. show 'Dexter'..
fuck would i love it if i could ask him to do me a favour....:)