I don't know if it's clinical detachment or something else, but decided T#2 wasn't for me. Relaxed, but detached and curious facial expressions. Felt like I was talking to an atty instead of a therapist and, indeed, we spent the hour talking about his extensive court experience, case examples and what I should consider if I move forward with my legal action.

Very useful information. Didn't "feel the love" however. And he admitted he was on the fence about taking me on. Would I be at ease sharing with this guy? Nope. Am I gonna pony up for another hour so we can get around to ME? Nope. I'd even considered an email explanation to him, but I don't owe him a thing. I paid his fee. Occurred to me that, hell, even attorneys don't charge for initial consultation. smirk

While he was at it T#2 gave me a professional ethics opinion on T#1. In short, he felt T#1 was clearly in violation of state law (his quid pro quo activities). Gave me just enough of an additional excuse to politely fire T#1 by voicemail. smirk

And so, we're back to the search. Found an office that sounds good, but no reply to my email...probably cuz I'm a...guy. (Heavily into women's issues, but they'd listed sexual abuse as a specialty). It's not uncommon, but perhaps they don't realize guys get sexually abused, too. Sheesh.

Hey, at least it wasn't crystals, candles and chanting.