Okay so I know that this has probably been asked many times but here is my vent of the day. My H is a good ol boy type or at least that is the mask he wears most of the time. He really is a big softee who loves cuddling and animals. But anyway everyone has noticed him softening up latley. He is acting kinder more often and over the last few months has disclosed to 3 of our friends. I overheard his opening up to a friend about his CSA and struggles with his family. I'm thrilled that he is talking but hurt that he talks to everyone but me. In therapy my trust issues came up and he said he didn't think I had any reason to struggle with trust. I was so pissed I. Almost burst into flames. He talks to everyone but me and has loads of compassion for all of our friends. However when it comes to me he. Won't open up and has no compassion. All he will say is that I. Have hurt tim but will not tell me what I did or how to fix it. I'm really annoyed and wish he would just tell me when I hurt his feelings. Sometimes I can tell when I do and I always apologize and give him a hug. Do any other partners feel like they get left on the outside of the circle once their partner starts to open up? I know I did this with my parents but that is a different kind of relationship.
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