Oh and maybe I should add that I have been the person who has had to do the validating. After I had been through therapy and changed a lot my family started to constantly tell me what a monster I had been. My own mother told me that the only reason she didn't kick me out was because god told her not too. I felt horrible for the pain I caused both my parents and little siblings. I had hurt each of them. It was hard to hear but I let all of them come to me as many times as they needed to and listened as they told stories about the things I said and did that left them scarred. Everytime I would thank them for always loving me and and tell them how much I love them back. If it weren't for them I wouldn't be here. This is a hard stage but it does pass. The pain of the past has been replaced with love and acceptance. As a family we now look back on my struggle as something that was hell but created strong bonds and in the end brought everyone closer. I really hope that you and your family can have the same thing because its a really special kind of love.

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