Michael Brewer, 68, and Hilary Brewer, 67, also known as Kay, were found guilty of sexually abusing Frances Andrade when she was 14 and 15.

Brewer was cleared of raping the victim when she was 18 and Mrs Brewer was cleared of aiding and abetting rape.

Mrs Andrade was found dead less than a week after she gave evidence against Michael Brewer and his ex-wife Kay Brewer at Manchester Crown Court.

The family of a violin teacher believed to have taken her life during the trial of a man who sexually abused her have said "the court system let her down".


If even one life is taken because of poor and inhuman justice system I'm asking my self why ever to bother with that, it just doesn't worth. Perps regularly got low penalties and victims can't get proper help during trials and many times are re-traumatized and completely left abandoned. Really why on Earth to bother and to ever try to do something without any support?
Not to mention cases when abusers are coming from police, military, health or legal system or political elite and when they are many times supported and even helped against victims and legal actions...

I would also like to know more about monster who advised victim (Mrs Andrade) not to take therapy while in this stressful process.
Legal system can't be over human life no matter what is practice (practice is that we all are more like slaves and objects there actually, just numbers)...

Greetings to all other statistical numbers!
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