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We don't know what his trauma was, Cant. The guy had a lot of time alone with him. There also was no toilet in the bunker and nothing to allow for privacy for those functions.

i was afraid to suggest that. i was stupified that none of the news media that i saw even hinted at that concern - maybe because he could see it all on TV? they just followed the party line that "he's taking good care of the boy." like a kind uncle or something - we all know what that can mean... i was/am so afraid for the boy. to make it worse, he and i share the same birthday - and this was happening at that time. i know what it's like to have bad stuff come back on every birthday for all your life.


Nor did the law enforcement heed his best interests. They were careless. All the sirens blaring and cracking of equipment and shutting of car doors could probably be heard within the bunker. That made things worse rather than better. The man had severe mental health issues and needed to be treated with caution. The boy needs the best counseling that money can buy and it should be paid for out of the public coffer.