I recently read what is to date the most horrifying SA account I've ever seen... on this website or anywhere else... I know it is in bad taste to "rank" experiences but this one was downright Lovecraftian and it stuck in my head for days. The author unfolded his ongoing nightmare and wrecked struggling for months, and I read along with a lump in my throat hoping to see him one day say something was better and he was happy. Instead he suddenly stopped posting. A search for his name revealed he had been exposed as a fraud and banned.

I'm aware of this having happened over the years and have seen other people write furiously of their sense of betrayal... well now I understand. And I still can't get the nightmare imagery out of my head even though I know it's a lie!!!

There is certainly a list here of frauds and banned users. There is also certainly the ability to retroactively add markers to old posts - when I change my profile now it changes every post I've ever written. So would you consider doing something like that? Just putting a big red "FRAUD" or "LIAR" or "BANNED" under the screenname would serve as warning - to keep the drawbridge up with this one, not read or not get involved.

It is purely my own responsibility that I read those old posts at all, let alone continued after I started getting upset by them. But this obviously has happened many times to others here over the years and it would be a way to protect future arrivals from the "booby-traps" left from past troublemakers.

Just a suggestion - thank you for listening.

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