Well done blog as usual, Gary.

And, as usual, I'll add my twist ;-)

The Supreme Court, imo, was correct in their decision vis-a-vis a private organization. By the same token, those organizations and institutions which have anti-discrimination policies in place are correct to withdraw support.

Which leaves the religious wing nuts. Well, we've been seeing how that's working out in the most recent U.S. elections and U.S. society in general, including the usual sexual scandals.

Fortunately, Gary, you also pointed out the ongoing pedo scandals in BSA. My perp was also a Scout leader and I can just imagine what havoc he wreaked with those young lives. Imagine if BSA had truly applied its principles - going back decades - on the matter in the first place. Not unlike the RCC, huh?

Well, the dirty laundry is now out there for everyone to see. Again, as with the RCC, the momentum has started. Except in undeveloped countries with low education rates, the RCC is seeing membership walk as they continue to desperately cling to Medieval (not necessarily Christian) thinking. The Scouts are headed in the same direction.

imo, we're back to education. Our perps generally were/have been "straight" married men. All the more reason to very publcly nail and ruin these bastards' lives when they're caught. It's not surprising these pedos are more likely than not also anti-gay extremists who use it as a cover for their activities.

Fortunately, too, that generation is dying out. And that includes many of the current BSA leadership. In my scouting days there wasn't a single non-caucasian face to be found. It changed, but took decades. I think it's a similar situation here.

It just occurred to me how different my life would have been if I'd been able to talk to a gay scoutmaster about what happened to me.

Equality is still a relatively new thing in many minds. Are most young families going to tolerate intolerance? I don't think so. And I think it's less likely as time passes that the younger people will put up with it. If BSA continues to identify with right-wing extremist Christian organizations, their membership will dwindle and they'll be consigned to history as a dim irrelevancy of their former selves.

It could be, too, newer (inevitable), smarter leadership may be true to the Scout philosophy, embrace diversity (including religious) and make the organization more relevant than it's ever been.