your trust has been destroyed. you hopped on board of his trauma as well. you too need to heal now and he better understands that too, because so did you. after being traumatized like you were, we do have the right on time and healing and his understanding. if he cant produce that, then one day we need to accept that it was a one sided support. instead of him seeing your frequent questions as push back or push down, he needs to see them as safety guard and care not to hop back on the wrong train. your partner likes it or not, but recovering from abuse and all that comes with it is a life time struggle. at what point exactly then would you have to stop your questions just to make him feel better. he also lived with you probably for years without even telling you how fake he was. now as its a life time struggle, the risk doesnt just go away by becoming better. he shoudl be happy you can feel something like pride over what he has reached. but the doubts stay, unless you are seperated or you dont care anymore. then your lifetime struggle is over rather soon, but his will still remain.

everything is always okay in the end, if it's not, then it's not the end