Thank you for your courage. As a mother who takes responsibility for what happens with her sons in areas where mothers are not always made welcome, you are a treasure.

My own mother has had difficulties dealing with the story of my own brother's SA. (He has only told me about it, although he said he told our parents.) Because my brother was more of a liar than I was growing up, she had trouble at first accepting that his abuse even happened. One of her responses was, "are you sure he isn't lying"?

Again, for you to be a parent and look squarely at the neglect reflects your strength. I wonder what has helped you.

My mother was also abused by one of her brothers growing up, but we are talking 1930s, when attitudes were different. I think she feels proud of having talked with him about it, but I'm not so sure she really understands the depth of what abuse can do.

I'm looking to help my family see things more as they are.

Thank you for your story. As I said, I'm interesting in knowing what has helped you take the responsibility you have taken. Or maybe it just comes naturally....
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