I tried to post b4 but couldnt pull it together enough to do it.
My abuser was a woman and it is one of the hardest things to deal with in life (for instance) bc guys think that getting some at 10 or 11 is 'initiation' or the plight is romanticized like a french novel of infidelity.
When really it was a woman with insatiable desires and wants that I tried so hard to cater to.. to satisfy.. to lay down and TAKE...
to be coerced into years of such things while developing this sense of sexuality (which is 'incorrect'..)
It leaves me helpless sometimes, confused constantly, unsure of my own sexuality....
Looking back now she was most certainly puppeteered by her 'man' into such things as he 'showed up' sometimes for a bout of "fun" with me, her, and her daughter... all at once.

trying again...
Lets see if i get some negative responses now from members
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