Anyone has any ideas on how to combat insomnia, that doesn't involve meds?

I don't think I've had more than about 3 three hours sleep a night for weeks, and it's really starting to affect me severely. I'm pretty sure that a large chunk on my current depression is due to simply being over-tired, and then there is that out-of-it, drifting-through-life feeling... also largely due to sleep deprivation, I'm sure.

I can't take sleep meds, other than Melatonin, and Melatonin has failed to help lately.
I'm doing lots of exercise, but not too soon before going to bed.
I've tried meditation, but it seems to just open the gate for flashbacks...

Any ideas?

Edit to add - after posting, I now realise this should have been in "Off Topic"... Mods, feel free to move if you want...

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