lol; seriously I want to know; I thought maybe something like at a certain point the counter got reset or the website went down and records were lost, something meaningless, Iím in IT and just wondered. As to me being worth an extra 902; sorry canít oblige itís too easy to hop on my own pity party parade, with just my own shit, another 902 and the train could stretch to the moon and back, donít think anyone could handle those kind of posts; ďevery second is a million times worse than the second before it blah blah blah and what really pisses me off, blah, blah ,blahĒ. Really, thatís not even funny is it?

11000th member is PabloV member#12370 so doing the math itís really a difference of 467 so the parades not quite as long as Iíd thought, however I noticed that there is no member#1 so does that mean that 11000 is really 11001 and in that case its ??? No member# 12371 so the next would be Kei member# 12372 for a difference of 469 so a little bit extra on the train? Man its late and I canít figure it out it all soo confusing whatever it is.

Thanks to all the people that make MS possible even though itís so sad why weíre all here.


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