Thanks, guys, for the input. Sorry it took me so long to respond to this.

Pero - you are, of course, correct. Smirking at someone else's penis size is a form of bullying, and I was bullied mercilessly throughout junior high and high school. As such, I'm very scared of bullies and their methods of emotional torture. Like you, I should remember that they are the ones who should be pitied...but it's hard to pity a bully when you fear them so much. You are also correct that it IS a self-conscious body issue. I NEED to feel comfortable in my own skin...I just don't know how.

Jude - lol, I LOVE your comment about obituaries. Of course, you have the right of it. And your comment that most guys don't see my penis but rather my behavior really made me think. I know having a penis makes me a man; what makes me a good or bad man is my behavior, not my penis size. I KNOW this, it's very why do I have such a hard time FEELING it? Why do I have such a hard time BELIEVING it? God, I wish I knew.

Lee - thank you for remembering back to how it felt, and for telling me what helped you. Your comment about finding photos of guys with smaller penises didn't even do much to boost your ego resounded through me; I've done the same and felt the same way. Having a lover and being told that you are perfect the way you are and that he/she loves your penis probably helps tremendously. I've never had a lover, but I've always figured it helps boost the ego.

I'm glad you guys found ways to combat your penis size issues. I'll try to remember your comments the next time I feel inferior.

Thanks again.

Your loving brother,

You don't have to be perfect to be wonderful.