Yes, Dan. Interesting and unfortunate as well. I was at one of the masses where this letter was read. Actually, I ripped off the copy from the parish sacristy because I felt more of a responsibility to share with our malesurvivor community here.

Many parishioners were absolutely fuming with anger and frustration following the mass. The "Prayer of the Faithful" focused on the need for parishioners to forgive and heal and move on. My heart and spirit are absolutely broken, not only for the victims who are being repeatedly hurt and insulted in the process, but for the many Catholics who have experienced lifelong indoctrination to believe that they are obligated to submissive servanthood to the Catholic hierarchy, in the face of eternal damnation of their souls. One of my friends is nearly suicidal over it, he is in such inner turmoil.

It's so easy for outsiders to laugh, mock, and dismiss the inner conflict this situation has caused for millions of people. Life shouldn't be this complicated and sprinkled with such intentional evil.

Personally, my spiritual devotion is now to humankind over any entity that was omnipresent, all-powerful, all-seeing, and yet did nothing during the raping of thousands of children.
I have taken to the stand-up comedy stage to educate other male survivors and those who try to love them. I blog about my isolated religious upbringing where physical and sexual abuse were commonplace and I serve as a facilitator of a weekly support group for men who have suffered sexual assault.