I've been trying to figure out where this goes exactly. In the Men abused as adults section or female abuser section.

I thought I was done dealing with abuse and things surrounding it. Stupid I know but I did. I thought it was over. I thought I was safe.

It happened again. More than once. In one night.

I was at a party, an end of finals we did it party. It was supposed to be a celebration, it was supposed to be fun. Not traumatic and torturous.

We were having a party to celebrate being done with mid terms.

There was a girl. Not just any girl my room mates girlfriend.

She kept trying to kiss me. I told her I wasn't interested. I tried to be nice. She wouldn't stop.

My room mate caught us. They both just laughed. Like it was a big joke. Like I was a big joke. She just kept going.

When it was done I couldn't stop shaking.

It was like that for the rest of the semester.

I just dove into school work and staying out of our apartment.