Well I've mentioned my singing previously on this site and how important it is to me. I happen at the moment to have a couple of videos up on sendspace which my mum took with her camera, because the service youraccompanist.com which I make use of wanted videos of people singing to their accompanyments, and as they've been really good in the past (they're also hugely cheap, only 99 pence each for a an accompanyment played on a piano), I thought I'd have a go.

My mum recorded these on her digital camera, so I appologise for the quality. They're not on youtube I've just used the file sharing service sendspace I was going to stick something on youtube it'd have to be better quality), so just click "download" on the page that comes up when you hit each link, prety much any computer should be able to play the files.

First off is a video of me singing a beautifull song by Shumann, Widmung, which he wrote for the love of his life Clara. I'm not convinced I quite did it justice, since I have sung it better, but then again I'll always say that.

The download link is: http://www.sendspace.com/file/sqh162

Next is something just for fun. Before christmas, a friend of my parents had her 50th birthday party, which was pirate themed, so asked me to sing the Pirate King's song from pirates of Penzance (it's a little too low for my voice but it's fun!). We tried to reccord it at the time, but the system didn't work, so we had to reccord it when i got back and was still wearing my pirate gear, and yes, I am! this loopy when occasion requires in performance.

Download link is:


Hope people at least get a smile from that one.

Btw, if there is a moderation policy against members posting videos I appologize, but I know some people have posted photos of themselves so I thought this was okay.